A downloadable game for Windows

One day, the Prince of the asteroid 325, who was on a pilgrimage, encountered a small habitable planet, which he named "Earth".

He decided to stay on Earth and live a quiet life. Will he manage to survive? It's up to you.


This is a survival game made for a quick game jam.


Hold tab for stats

Press B for bag inventory

F1 - camera follow

Press objects for their resources

Be careful, don't chop down all the trees, you need them, you need oxygen, not

just to breath, but also to make fire (it doesn't burn if there is no oxygen).

But you can plant trees, just search for some seeds.


Terman Emil - the code

Gore Polina - the art

Rusu Alexei - inventory code

Catalina Volontir - the music


The_little_prince.zip 22 MB